TOOL FREE Tool tạo img thành tar.md5 flash bằng odin

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Một tool khá hay nó cho phép bạn tạo 1 file tar.md5 từ .img để flash dể dàng qua odin

Nguyên văn:
for how want to use Odin to flash the ClockWorkMod Recovery img or any image files like "boot.img", this is a tool to create a tar.md5 file from the img file.
unzip the file tool, and put your img files into the same directory of the batch file.
if you have more than one file put each file in a separate folder.
launch the "ImgToTar.MD5.bat" to create files with the extension of tar.md5 for each img file.
Note: the script rename the each file starting by "recovery*.img" to "recovery.img" , and files named "boot*.img" or "kernel*.img" image to "boot.img". if your file has another name , don't forgot to rename a recovery image to recovery.img, and the boot image to boot.img.

hope that help some body how search a batch file to create tar.md5 file for using it in Odin.