Kiến thức trước khi flash HTC - Basic Flashing Knowledge

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Dear customers,

This is a short thread just to give you basic knowledge about flashing HTC phones.

1. Where to get flash files?

The flash files you can download from our support site - support . xtc2 . net. To access this site you'll need XTC 2 Clip and XTC2Tool software, in order to login.

2. I have downloaded the archive, but my WinRar/WinZip/7z/etc says Archive corrupted! What do I do?

NOTHING! You cannot unpack the flash archive! You don't need to unpack it! It's encrypted, therefore, you cannot unpack and/or modify it! You have to flash it.

3. How to flash my phone?

There are 2 main ways to flash your phone:

Way 1:

a. Rename your downloaded flash file to 4 DIGIT PRODUCT ID + "". The product ID value you can read using XTC2Tool software, or read on the back of the phone (under the battery for the phones with deattachible battery, on the rear lid for the phones with non-removeable battery).
e.g. M8 product is 0P6B100, so the file name will be
b. Put this file on the microSD card (NOT on the clip, it can't handle such big files)
c. Insert microSD card into the phone and reboot to hboot/download mode. Flashing will start automatically.

Way 2:

Using htc_fastboot.exe/fastboot.exe tools.
The htc_fastboot.exe is included with XTC 2 Tool setup, and located in "\Program files\XTC 2 Tool\htc_fastboot.exe" (or your installation folder, if not default)

To flash a phone, please switch it into RUU mode by using RUU button in XTC 2 Tool.

Once your phone is in RUU mode (showing HTC logo on the screen), go to command line (e.g. start->run->cmd.exe) and type:

htc_fastboot.exe flash zip <C:\>, replacing the 'C:\' with your path.

This guide will be updated a bit later with more detailed information and screenshots.