CHIA SẼ Samsung E3309T unlock die by z3x done 100%

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  1. h@ck

    h@ck H@CKED


    1. Choose correct flash file(s).
    2. Choose flash option if needed:
    -'Re-write NV' - Warning! This option will erase all calibration data!
    -'Single file firmware' - if you have *.pac firmware
    3. Press 'Flash' button.
    4. Connect the phone in flash mode (Press '1' button and connect USB cable).

    Operation: Flash
    Selected model: GT-E3300I
    Software version: 34.11

    Waiting phone... detected COM27
    Sending FDL... OK
    Reconnecting phone... OK
    Sending FDL2... OK
    Reading NV... OK
    Saved to C:\Program Files (x86)\Z3X\Samsung\SamsungToolPRO\backup\NV\nvitem_GT-E3300I_2-4-2019_14-1-1.bin
    Sending BOOT... OK
    Sending RES... OK
    Sending CSC... OK
    Sending DSP... OK
    Sending DSP2... OK
    Sending UDISK... OK
    Erasing FLASH... OK
    Flashing done (time - 00:00:33)

    Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.34.11

    1/ unlock by z3x done but still lock
    2/ flash file E3309i done
    ps/ if you phone dead, flash by z3x no battery hold button * and # insert cable
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