CHIA SẼ ZTE Z970 4.4.4 Root and Unlock Done Tested Solution inside.

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    Please can anybody show me how to flash ZTE Z970_MetroPCSV1.0.0B06 or Z970_MetroPCSV1.0.0B12 modem firmware into Z970_MetroPCSV1.0.0B13 or flash the entire Z970_MetroPCSV1.0.0B13 version with Z970_MetroPCSV1.0.0B06 or Z970_MetroPCSV1.0.0B12 firmware

    Root with kingRoot online. Not a normal root, the "strategy available"
    Then install a TWRP.apk Install the recovery an reboot in TWRP recovery mode an install from the recovery.
    Now you have permanent root.
    then Downgrade modem from the recovery
    For MetroPCS you can downgrade to B6 to unlock and upgrade to work fine to B12
    For T-mobile you can downgrade to B22 to unlock and upgrade to work fine to B33

    B06 Modem for MetroPCS

    B22 Modem for T-mobile

    B13 Modem Firmware for MetroPCS variant

    B33 Modem Firmware for T-Mobile Variant


    Don't change the packages or you will brick your phone. This packages are not a full flashes, only modems.
    This is under your own risk, I'm not responsable if you brick your phone.
    This solution is not mine. I just funded.
    This is only for downgrade from B13 to B6 and B33 to B22. Not for oder version. Please be carefull
    I hope this can help you.

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